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The materials and the components

The structure
It is made by the panels in wood, the thickness is of 18 mm, it has a low formaldehyde emission (E1 class). The panels are water repellent (they convalidate the standard requirements V100), they are covered on both sides with the melamined paper in matte finish. Outer rim is made of ABS mm.1.

Plans shelves behind
They are made of blockboard panels in poplar wood of various thicknesses,in the various veneered wood.

Shelf of glass
It is made in the thickness of 6 mm-8, refinished with polished edge in the four edges.

It consists of wood fiber of the thickness of 4 mm, it has a low formaldehyde emission (E1 class). Covered on both sides with the melamined paper,it has solid color and matte finish.

Side panels
They are made with a base panel like the structure, with the side to view in various types of wood veneer or matt or glossy lacquered.

Undersink and built-in fridge
The bottom of the base of the undersink is made of the thermoplastic material, in order to protect the furniture from the accidental loss of water, as well as the bottom of the column fridge, specially designed for conveying and drain the eventually loss of water caused by infiltration or condensation, preserving in this way the structure.

Wooden door
It can be made with wood frame and veneered panel boulder, or, if smooth door, with the panel in solid poplar veneer in different wood finishes. The finish can be clear coated or color, with open pore or closed.

Lacquered plain door
It is composed by panels in MDF, the thickness of mm.22, it has a low formaldehyde emission (E1 class), Painted in glossy or matte finish.

Mat or gloss laminated door
It consists of panels made of water-repellent particles of wood V100 mm thick. 22, it has a low formaldehyde emission (E1 class). Covered with formica HPL (high pressure).
The result is a stable, non-reactive, homogeneous, non-porous product.

They are made of wood or stone in various aluminum finishes,with the internal panel in tempered or coated glass.

Side rails and painted metal back panel with the bottom panel of particles of wood,the thickness is of mm.016,they have a low formaldehyde emission (E1 class), covered on both sides with the melamined paper. Scroll to the total extraction performed on steel guides with the capacity of 30 Kg.
Equipped with a locking system to prevent leakage, they are supplied as standard with soft closing system.

Deep drawers
They have the same consistency and characteristic of the drawers and they can be placed on the shores to increase the overflow.

It is in PVC,coated with the aluminum or the melamined finish,it has a solid color or a wood-effect. Positioned at the foot of the cabinet with hooks ABS that allow a quick removal for cleaning.

They are in metal with galvanized quick connect, allow a triple adjustment, the standard opening to 110°,they are also available with wider apertures,they are
equipped with soft closing.

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