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Inden and the environment

Since 2010 INDEN began using electricity produced from renewable sources for Eco-Sustainable environmental development.

The installed panels covering 350 square meters of the surface of the establishment for a total of 90 kw.

The exercise of the photovoltaic systems doesn't cause pollution from the point of view:

  • chemical - they produce no emissions, residues or waste

  • thermic - the maximum temperatures achieved don't exceeding 60° C

  • acoustic - there is no emission of noise during their exercise.

The photovoltaic source is the only one that doesn't require moving parts or circulation of fluids at elevated temperatures or under pressure, and this is a technical advantage and determinant for the safety of the environment. Producing the electricity with photovoltaic systems,they don't use fossil fuels (oil, coal ...) and they prevent the emission of these pollutants COx (greenhouse gas) NOx (photochemical smog) SOx (acid rains)


The panels used are exclusively ECOLOGICAL panels.

The panels are ennobled chipboard with low formaldehyde content that complies with the European regulations of the health.

In fact it is made from 100% recycled wood

The tops are in ecological QUARTZ and the fireproof and water-repellent laminates.


INDEN S.R.L. - 73047 Monteroni (LE) - Prov.le Lecce/P. Cesareo, Km. 7,5
Capitale Sociale € 99.000,00 i.v. - P.IVA e C.Fisc. 04049500756 - C.C.I.A.A. Lecce N. REA LE-263322